Dolby Surround Tools TDM Plug-in (Surround Tools TDM Plug-in)

Plug-ins: Virtual Processors - Because so many multimedia systems are equipped for Dolby Surround playback, your studio options are severely limited without it. Dolby Surround Tools plug-ins for Pro Tools make your surround mixing easier and more efficient, as well as opening the door to many possible applications. Creating Dolby Surround mixes for everything from TV shows and ad spots to video games is now easy and uncomplicated. Dolby Surround Tools can not do final mixes for matrix-encoded theatrical film, but they can preview the results of the process using the discrete four-channel audio tracks that will be combined with other elements for final film soundtrack mixing. The two plug-ins, the Encoder and Decoder, are available together or separately. The Encoder offers you digital implementation of the Dolby Surround encode process, features game mode encoder and game mode positioner functions, and includes surround panners; the Decoder includes digital implementation of the Dolby Pro Logic decode process and mode selection for mono, stereo and Dolby Surround monitoring. Let Sweetwater put Dolby technology in the realm of the possible for your computer workstation. Utility Plug-ins